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Guardian Angel Sober Companion
Home-based drug/alcohol treatment and/or effective aftercare program
Medical Family Therapy
Our treatment programs are based on the Marriage & Family, systemic approach: we view problems as arising from and treatable within the situations, relationships, and contexts that people find themselves in, rather than blaming people as if they were at fault or lacking in some essential way. 

We offer a customized in-home therapy approach:  where families often need the most help, especially when in crisis, or when facing chronic issues.  We recreate the treatment center experience in your home, where it matters most.

Our approach is collaborative and client-centered: we work together with clients to co-create solutions, respecting each person and family's unique needs, preferences, and realities. 

Most of all, we believe that the quality of relationships is intrinsic to people's well-being, making relational therapy a primary focus in treatment.
Home-based ED treatment and/or effective aftercare program
A biopsychosocial systems approach to treating chronic or acute illness
"We bring our expertise and skill to your problem and co-create a solution that works."
Eating Disorders and Body Image Disorders
Creating a sustainable culture
 Healing communities one family at a time
Leigh Diotalevi, LMSW, Leigh received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of New England and has provided counseling services to adults, children, adolescents, families and couples with a variety of mental health and relational concerns. Leigh is a wife, mother and step-mother sensitive to the needs of blended, adoptive and non-traditional families. She has experience treating alcoholism and addiction with compassion, firmness and focus on individual and family recovery. Leigh’s post master’s continuing education has focused on trauma. Leigh is a trained EMDR therapist. She has a passion for helping clients get past their past to live their best lives. Leigh has experience treating depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, self-harming behaviors, conduct disorders, substance use and process addictions, challenges of aging and caring for aging parents, grief and loss. Leigh is a positive and empowering therapist.

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