Creating a sustainable culture
 Healing communities one family at a time
Our team of therapists are especially skilled at providing counseling around a variety of issues, including (but not limited to):

   -Premarital, Marital, Divorce, and Step/Blended Family Issues
   -Mood Disorders (Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar)
   -Childhood Emotional or Developmental Issues (ADHD, ODD, Conduct Disorder)
   -Trauma, Grief and Loss (PTSD, ASD, Adjustment Disorders)
   -Sexual, Chemical or Process Addictions (Alcohol, Drugs, Shopping, Gambling)
   -Couples' Infertility Issues
   -Men's or Women's Issues (Gender Identity, Empowerment)
   -Family Financial Distress
The Marriage and Family Research Institute is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization dedicated to healing communities one child, one parent, one sibling, one family at a time. Stronger families means stronger communities.

Our programs offer the most cutting edge proven techniques in counseling and psychology.  We focus on research driven approaches that are known to be effective.
Our Mission is to provide affordable and/or free mental health counseling to any individual, couple, or family in need of help. 
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