Sober Guardian Program
The Sober Guardian Program is specifically designed to help your addicted family member recover fully from drug or alcohol abuse while simultaneously healing the family from the disease of addiction.

An effective home-based alternative to typical residential rehab programs, "Sober Guardian" therapists help those fighting the disease of addiction to integrate sobriety into their "real" lives and families, in a 12 to 18 month personalized in-home treatment program.
Addiction is a chronic disease -
and should be managed as such.

Traditional residential rehab programs and "outpatient" treatment programs are helpful and often necessary for immediately stopping the vicious cycle of addiction and medically stabilizing a person struggling with an addiction.  However, they are not a long-term modality to abstinence. This is due to a multitude of factors, but primarily because the settings in which treatment takes place are "artificial" and not "real;" that is, they are not grounded in the reality of their personal, daily lives. Addicts often feel better during rehab because it is safe, and they are no longer exposed to their triggers on a daily basis.  However, once they leave rehab, they often do not want to go home, and they typically find themselves facing cravings, anxiety, and depression in their real-life environments,  thus recidivism rates, upon leaving treatment, are devastatingly high. Addicts need help in "real life" settings, such as in their home, family, school, and social environment.

We create the rehab setting in your home                                                     - where it matters most.
Many these days give lip service to the concept that addiction is a chronic disease, and yet programs to treat addiction do not use proven approaches to help families manage chronic illness. Our Sober Guardian Program does incorporate the most current information in this area, and it is designed to assist the addicted person and their family to manage the chronic nature of the disease of addiction. Addiction is not cured after a stint in rehab, nor with a few weeks of an outpatient program. Addiction is cured when the addicted loved one and their family experience real change in their real lives and these changes are sustained over time. The Sober Guardian Program makes this essential perspective central to treatment processes and goals.
After years of drug or alcohol abuse, most addicts have developed poor lifestyle habits, poor coping skills, have dropped out of sports, forgotten how to have fun, and have socially isolated themselves. These are just some of the areas in which they need immediate help.

This program has been developed based on evidence-based practice (EBP) and empirically-supported treatment (EST), which refers to the preferential use of mental and behavioral health interventions for which systematic empirical research has provided evidence of statistically significant effectiveness as treatments for specific problems. In recent years, EBP has been stressed by professional organizations such as the American Psychological Association, the American Occupational Therapy Association, the American Nurses Association, and the American Physical Therapy Association, which have also strongly recommended their members to carry out investigations to provide evidence supporting or rejecting the use of specific interventions.
The Sober Guardian Program help teens and adults struggling with addiction to build structure, responsibility, self-esteem, and overall genuine authenticity in their lives. Based on the fundamental relational concept that true change is embedded in the system -- home, family, school/work, friendships, and other daily interactions and structures -- the Sober Guardian Program provides therapy in the context of people's actual lives. Research and professional experience strongly validate the effectiveness of family and systemic approaches to create authentic, meaningful, and lasting change. Addiction research indicates the serious limitations of many of the rehab programs that are widely available -- such as 12-step programs and residential rehab programs. These do help some people, but recidivism rates are shockingly high. The Sober Guardian Program is built on the outcome of years of combined research and experience in both conventional and cutting edge programs. Ongoing research results of this program are proving its effectiveness to empower people to create true healing and lasting change. To achieve this goal, the process includes addressing the need to rebuild healing addicts' lives on a solid foundation including the true meaning of their lives, their own unique values as a person, and the ability to trust in themselves to make sound judgments. This is achieved by connecting with the world and other human beings, overcoming the isolation that so many of them face. With empathy and compassion their Sober Guardian will work with them to help them find their own unique self through experiencing limitless opportunities involving their interests, desires, goals, and dreams. By giving them these important tools of life, they are equipped to reach out into this world realizing their potential to be whole and free.
Additionally, this program is undergoing ongoing evaluation and integration of cutting edge research on its empirical effectiveness in both long and short term goals, which will lead to publication, grants for continuning research, and ongoing development towards excellence.
Research based, research validated
                      - an ongoing process.

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