Eating Disorder Program
Our Eating Disorder Program is based on what current research shows is effective at treating and healing these disorders, and is comprised of two main components:  The Angel Companion and Innovative Group Therapy.

Angel Companion 

Our fully trained therapists provide a customized treatment approach to each individual and their family engaged in our eating disorder program.  Each therapist, also known as an Angel Companion, provides a minimum of 10 hours per week of treatment with each family.  The hours are divided between one-on-one time with the identified patient, as well as with other family members individually, and with the family as a whole.  Our systemic approach understands that the unit of treatment extends beyond the individual, since siblings and parents, or spouses, of those with eating disorders are often affected, and may be struggling as well.  Since the beginning of research into which treatment approaches are effective at healing eating disorders, family therapy has proven effective, and continues to remain one of the most effective models of treating eating disorders.  Our therapists are experts in providing exceptional family therapy, so that you and your loved ones can recover fully.  

Innovative Group Therapy 

Many of our clients come straight from residential or inpatient settings, and enjoy the group therapy format to treatment.  We offer innovative group therapy throughout the week and weekend for patients and family members.  This can provide an essential piece of security and stability for the family as their loved one transitions.  Group therapy provides an atmosphere where the identified patient can feel understood and relate to others facing similar struggles.  Family members experience similar benefits.  For the identified patient, we offer:  process groups, meal outings, art therapy, experiential activities, hypnotherapy, psychoeducational, and family groups.  For the family members, we offer:  process groups, psychoeducational, and multi-family groups.  
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